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Just don’t know what to say anymore, how do we fix it


I'd rather Danny dyer at right back


Right poch out. Brings off dele for foyth when we’re only 1-0 up at home to Sheffield United. Is the guy trying to piss us off on purpose


At least arsenal lost


On the way home- Cold, wet, £70 down and my Kid is giving me looks.


Bro let's have a bet you don't post till we fucking win


Poch out , or write the season of and let him rebuild


What is wrong with Serge aurier??? Sure he's a bit hot headed at times and doesn't always provide the best cross or most solid defending but people focus way too much on him he really isn't the worst player in our team. He's actually done quite a lot for us. I'll probably get backlash for this but don't even try say I don't watch the matches I've watched every single one this season till the end and yes he's had bad games but people just blame him because he's the easy target.

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